Wednesday, 14 October 2009

On the beach

I used to like collecting shells, that was until a few years ago when I started to work on the beach. I realised then that taking a shell home can stop a hermit crab from finding a 'home' and that was the end of my collecting. I do still have a shell collection, but now I am not proud, but embarassed by it. Sometimes in our love of beautiful things we forget just how much nicer they are in their own natural enviroment. A flower in a vase or a flower in a field, a lobster under the sea or stuffed hanging on the wall.

One day I saw a Hermit Crab, that unable to find a suitable shell, had chosen a broken bottle top as the next best alternative. At the time I thought it was the only time I would see such a thing. Now 3 years later I know it is almost normal. Today I had my camera at hand and please believe me when I tell you that this is NOT a setup shot. Hermit Crabs really do exist like this, so I ask you on their behalf to think twice before you take that beautiful shell home! Thank you!

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