Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Phuket Hermit Crabs love Chinese Chicken Wings!

Tourists and locals that carelessly throw their rubbish on the ground have probably never thought about the consequences.

Of course there are two things to consider, the first being the ugly sight of littered streets and open spaces, but the second is something that not many people realise. The small animals that are attracted to the left over scraps of food or drink and venture inside to enjoy a easy meal, once inside usually get stuck there unable to find a way out or unable to negotiate that slippery surface. End result - a slow death by suffocation or drowning.

I often find plastic cups that have been left standing with some left-over drink or even some freshly fallen rain inside. Sadly the small hermit crabs tend to climb indside and cannot climb out of the water, and I regularly find a cup full of dead crabs. Very sad.

The same plastic cups thrown into the sea can be a trap for a small fish - see my earlier post

So please think about what you are doing..